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In today's competitive world, quality is the key for the success of any business. Furthermore, it has to be consistent in each and every activity of the business either it is the product you are selling or the support provided by your company.

At NixServerSupport we understand how vital is "Quality control", no matter whatever services we offer, we always make sure to deliver best quality in them. Quality is not a co-incidence or an accident but it is the result of high integrity, intention, skillful efforts that we put-in to make sure your customer gets the "feel good factor" about your products and services and feels that he's being cared for.

Quality is very important for any business to retain it's existing customers and attract new prospects, as quality is the root factor that brings customer satisfaction. If done strategically, quality assurance framework can cover most of the major and minor quality related project components such as product lifecycle management, QA, performance metrics, and process value-additions.

Monitoring the emails, Live chat sessions, voice calls etc to improve the process and making sure that the customers are getting perfect solutions to their queries/concerns is Quality Analysis. Quality is oriented to prevention and `improvement. At NixServerSupport our quality department undergoes unbiased monitoring of the representatives and hence evaluate their performance and measures components which are critical to quality.

Why QA?

  • Improves the reputation of your products & services.
  • Helps reduce operational costs by minimizing wastage of resources & efforts.
  • Improves business relations and operational efficiency.
  • Improves competitive strength by bringing in favorable business conditions.

How we do QA?

Our quality assurance policy is aimed at accomplishing high standards of service using proven techniques & methods like:

  • Recordings
  • Silent Monitoring
  • Frequent Evaluations
  • Generating feedback & performance reports
  • Random Sampling
  • Using some specially created tech tools

We provide quality solutions that don't just satisfy your customers, but far exceed their expectations and as a result bring value to your business.